Six Sentence Sunday

At the nudging of a friend (1000th Monkey), I’m participating in Six Sentence Sunday. Each week, a collection of writers post six sentences from something. It could be a WIP, a published work, or something out on submission. Of course I’m unpublished and just noodle around with my writing, so fall into the first category. To keep things a little more cohesive, I’ll add sentences from the previous week to this page once Six Sentence Sunday goes live. Just so you can read them all together if you’d like.

The Psychic Wars

Csec Compound
Friday, 13:52

The teletype sputtered to life, spewing forth yet another transmission. Will reached over and ripped off the printout and scanned it before crumpling it up into a tight ball. One eye shut, he aimed for the wastebasket.

“Bloody crap. How’s any one supposed to have a clue what’s going on when they send us drivel like that.” The paper sailed from his fingers in a perfect arc, landing in the centre of the trash bin. “Three points.”

“No way.” Henry raised an eyebrow and examined the placement of Will’s chair. “Only two points unless you’re behind the desk when you throw.


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