Ass In Chair

I miss the writing fury of NaNoWriMo. Knowing every day that I had to produce a certain word count (or call myself a failure) motivated me to write every single day. Post NaNo–not so much. So I’m going to try providing a daily writing prompt such as a photo or phrase and try to produce something. Ooh, the potential for failure. Limitless.

Because pages are static, the writing prompts will be tagged “ass in chair” and posted on the blog.



  1. i know that nano feeling…and i started my own writing topic series a couple weeks ago…somehow being connected, if only in cyberspace helps

    • I agree. There are some great writing forums out there, too. Every bit of connection helps.

  2. […] Ass In Chair […]

  3. I am totally the same. I’d be lucky if I’ve written 1.5k words since Nano ended. I came on here to get an idea of something to write today, not cause I wanted to, but cause boyfriend blackmailed me into doing some if he cooked dinner (can’t turn that one down). I loved writing from phrases, so I’m well behind this idea.

  4. I was talking with my mother about writing last night, and she was talking about people who like saying they’re writers (especially when chatting people up at cocktail parties), but never seem to produce much. “You’ve got to put your ass in the chair and write!” she said. So, I told her that you have that as a blog category. She cracked up. 🙂

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