Posted by: victanguera | May 7, 2013

Um… Waves Hello

Well, this year got off to an… interesting start. I’d fallen in to a deep, black hole of funk (okay, probably closer to depression, but because I’ve never been depressed in my life didn’t recognize it). Some strange things happened at the beginning of the year that kind of kicked me in the butt. As a result, I’ve spent almost every moment when it hasn’t been raining outside. In my yard. For anyone that knows me, this is a remarkable thing. Strange. Almost alien. But it wasn’t a choice and couldn’t be avoided. Thing is, it has helped me put my life back in to perspective.

Things I’ve accomplished this year:

1. Cleaned my yard. All the blackberry canes that had taken over the back of my yard are now gone. Erm, and the side. And the front. Yeah, bad.

2. Read 14 books. Just to put that in perspective, last year I read 26 books total and only 7 the year before. This from a person that normally read anywhere from one to five books a week.

3. Wrote an article and had it published. Yep, you read that right. To be fair, it is for the magazine I work for, so it almost doesn’t seem fair as it means I got to skip the whole angst of submission part. But I’m now published! And my editor tells me I should really do this for other magazines. Like Geist. And The Tyee. And that I should build a portfolio. Erm… nerves, don’t fail me now! Here is the article.



  1. Congrats on the article 🙂

    • Thanks. Not much, but still writing. And a start, right?

      • Sounds like we both had not-so-great starts to our 2013.

        Hope all is going well for you.

      • Your year got off to a bad start as well? Seems like the year of the snake bit a few of us in the ass. I’m glad things didn’t stay like that for ever. And maybe Nietzsche is right–what doesn’t kill us does actually make us stronger.

        How about for you? Is your year better than it had been at the beginning?

  2. Congratulations on the article!

    And, yes, depression is frequently not recognized for the reason you say. And, speaking strictly from my own experience, one of the best things you can do is physical exercise (and the yard work you describe would certainly qualify). (I don’t have a yard, so I walk a lot.)

    • In some ways feel I should have recognized it as my ex suffered from chronic depression. You’d think I’d have known the signs. Guess it could tell in him, just not when it happened to me. Agree about the physical activity. It’s been the best thing ever. I look forward to time spent with my shovel or garden tools.

      Walking is also a wonderful thing. It’s all that fresh air and sun.

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