Posted by: victanguera | January 15, 2013

Happy New Year (With a Photo Prompt)

Well another year. Did you make resolutions? I’m not the kind to make resolutions. They just seem like one more list. I lose lists. Forget them at home and then can’t remember what I need because I wrote it down (thus exiting it from my memory).

That said, I do want to write more. Call it a goal. If I make it a resolution, I’ll only forget about it by tomorrow. Mind you, that might happen anyhow.

So to get me started, here is a photo prompt. My goal (you see what I did there) is to write something by the end of the month using this picture as inspiration. Care to join me?



  1. They watched the train, together yet apart: one crouched braced on an umbrella carried though it never rained; the other sat back to a pole for support. Both watched the train roar down the tube, each thinking of her. They’d all agreed; only she had carried through the promise. And each train that roared through the tunnels seemed to carry echoes of her voice.

  2. I may (I’ve made a note), but definitely not this month. I’m editing some stories, and also working on a new project, suggested in part by a prompt you posted a while back about writers and their books. 🙂

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