Posted by: victanguera | November 16, 2012

Starting Over (and Over) Again

25,000 words in to this year’s NaNo, and I hit a wall. I couldn’t figure out what my character wanted. You know, that one thing that should drive the story. I sat at my spinning wheel (great place for letting your mind just drift and think), and went over ideas. Why it kept going back to that one story, the one in my desk that I thought I’d buried for good, I really don’t know. But in the strange way minds work, I may have come up with a solution for not just my current NaNo, but that story as well.

Upshot of the whole thing? I’ve started this year’s NaNo over again. Those first 25,000 words will go in for word count, just not for story count. The new idea is still basically the same–same characters, same location–but Wendy (from Peter Pan fame) is now young adult. And she admitted she stole an airship (although she didn’t mean to). Steampunk. Ha, that could be fun.



  1. Heh. I cheated for my second nano this year: the story is largely ABOUT the main character finding something to want and strive for, though he is — thus far — utterly oblivious to that.

  2. Sometimes you do have to reboot. It can feel like a step back, but it can be a lot better than trying to patch something that was simply going in the wrong direction.

    Plus, (Wendy*young adult)+stolen airship?

    Hmmm… 🙂

    • The reboot didn’t really work–voice was completely off, and it made writing torture. Interesting that the one iteration had a great voice a felt like a blah plot, the other had potential for a great plot, but a blah voice. I’ll take great voice over plot any day. I’m back to working on the original. But I may need to make the pirate ship an airship. Just because. 😉

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