Posted by: victanguera | November 7, 2012

Chasing Voice

I’m up to close to 12,500 words in NaNo so far. That surprises me, considering how poorly I’ve done the last two years. And how little writing I’ve done this year. It’s like something broke open for me this year, and I’m producing much closer to how I wrote that first year of doing NaNo. Yes, that includes the crappy quality of my draft. But hey, it’s NaNo.

The interesting thing for me, though, is how well the writing goes when I fall in to the voice of the main character. I can hear it in my head, but it isn’t always consistent. Sometimes, the voice is my own, and the writing grinds to a painful, limping halt. Other times, I forget myself and hear how I perceive the character would think and speak. And the words flow.

The voice of mine? Inner editor.

At least I’m getting closer to identifying the sounds. That’s progress, right?



  1. Definitely a good idea to learn what that editor voice sounds like (though it can sometimes do a pretty good job of sounding like someone else when it’s trying to fool you 🙂 ).

    I only write in one first person voice (my detective character has a Watson). Otherwise I use third person.

    • So far, I’ve written only in first person. I need to challenge myself to try third person. And yeah, voice can be tricky. After all, we’re creating the character, so ultimately the voice will have some reflection of how we think and feel, just how much comes through? I think good voice (in the published books I read), have an authentic character voice that doesn’t sound much like the author writing. Maybe that’s why I think third person would be so tricky. How do you keep your own voice out of the narrative?

      • I think my third-person narrator voice is somewhat like “my” voice. Sort of the improved version. 🙂

        I had a challenge with my most recent story in that it was the first time I’d ever worked in third person limited. My tendency, in third person, is to hop around from character to character, so it was an effort to restrict myself to what one person would see and know. And the different parts are in different characters’ POVs, so I had to keep that in mind also.

        The story is here, BTW: As you can see, the early parts are named after the characters they’re focused on, letting the reader know that we’re going to be moving around a bit (but a somewhat more organized way of moving around than I’m used to in third person — so maybe the chapter titles were there to remind me, too -) ).

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