Posted by: victanguera | February 29, 2012

Word Wednesday #2

Sorry I missed Tidbit Tuesday yesterday. I wasn’t at a computer most of the day, and when I got home my internet wasn’t working. Well it would, then it wouldn’t. Then it would. High winds seem to make my internet connection unstable. Hum, wonder if I’ve got a connection problem. Might need to look in to that.

So on to today’s word, picked just because I like the sound of it. It rolls off the tongue quite nicely. It’s one of those words I need to make sure I don’t overuse. I’ve used the word to mean relentless, but it can also imply someone/thing that can’t be moved or persuaded.



in·ex·o·ra·ble  [in-ek-ser-uh-buhl]


1. unyielding; unalterable: inexorable truth; inexorable justice.
2. not to be persuaded, moved, or affected by prayers or entreaties: an inexorable creditor.

1545–55;  < Latin inexōrābilis. See in-3 , exorable

Related forms

in·ex·o·ra·bil·i·ty, in·ex·o·ra·ble·ness, noun
in·ex·o·ra·bly, adverb
2.  unbending; severe, relentless, unrelenting, implacable, merciless, cruel, pitiless. See inflexible.

2.  flexible; merciful.


\(ˌ)i-ˈneks-rə-bəl, -ˈnek-sə-, -ˈneg-zə-rə-\

Definition of INEXORABLE

: not to be persuaded, moved, or stopped : relentless <inexorable progress>
in·ex·o·ra·bil·i·ty noun
in·ex·o·ra·ble·ness noun
in·ex·o·ra·bly adverb

Examples of INEXORABLE

  1. the inexorable rise of a political movement


Latin inexorabilis, from in- + exorabilis pliant, from exorare to prevail upon, from ex- + orare to speak — more at oration

First Known Use: 1542


  1. That’s a great words. I like the way it sounds.

    • or word (singular). Apparently my fingers get a little carried away when I type.

  2. Or the word itself drove you to inexorably keep typing…

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