Posted by: victanguera | February 15, 2012

I Can Do That: Writing Prompt #356

Sorry for the absentee landlord thing going on lately. I’ve got one of those “To Do” lists that isn’t so much toppling as oozing. Every time I clean one thing off my list, another seeps in to take its place. Kind of like trying to hold back the primordial sludge with a squeegee. Part of it is my own doing. At the last minute, I had to dj for someone who got sick (the one already offering to cover for the fellow who is away). Put you know how it is: if you want something done, ask a busy person. Funny how we manage to prioritize and fit things in even if we are too busy in the first place.

So for today’s prompt, how does your character juggle tasks? In the middle of a tense moment, do they get handed just one more assignment? How do they handle it? What criteria would they use for judging what to do first? What areas exist for conflict? Once, I had a co-worker as me to do something for him. When I didn’t do it instantly, he followed me around the office and badgered me for a response to his question. A question that didn’t need an answer that urgently. It could wait until I finished doing what my boss needed completed.


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