Posted by: victanguera | January 26, 2012

Introductions: Writing Prompt #355

Yesterday, my daughter got a dog from the SPCA. It’s a beautiful mix of… puppy bits. Maybe some pit bull, maybe some boxer or maybe even chocolate lab. She’s sweet, and quiet. And introductions to my cat didn’t go well. At all. Dagmar, the cat, was outside when we got home, waiting to come inside. One look at the dog, and much hissing occurred. And a bolt for safer corners (in between the porch supports). At least my daughter isn’t staying at home with the dog for long, as she’s just waiting for her new place to be painted.

So for today’s prompt, think about character introductions. As a new character enters, how do others react? Hiss and spit? Circle around warily? Effusive greeting with a belief that whomever you meet must automatically be your new best friend? Not everyone will react the same around a new person. And although a person may behave a certain way around one person, they won’t necessarily react in that manner with the next person they meet.



  1. I’m definitely a hiss ‘n spit kinda girl.

    And I think my characters are more often as wary as I am :p

    • Me too with the hiss & spit. Although sometimes that’s more after introductions. I find it necessary to protect my personal space. Yep, also goes for the other post about personal space :}

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