Posted by: victanguera | January 15, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #13

Skipping ahead just a little from the last scene. Just to refresh your memory, the troll asked for a dime. Well, and a penny.

I stepped in front of Nikolai, flinching as his black eyes bored into mine. The pain almost felled me, but I didn’t back down. So prove you have more honour than you think he has. Let me buy him. You can kill him if he steps out of line and tries to harm me.

As Nikolai’s eyes faded to brown, I quickly searched my pockets, found couple quarters and a penny and practically threw it at the troll.

You can read other entries on the Six Sentence Sunday website. So many great snippets, it’s hard to get through them all :} Thanks again to everyone that stops by and takes time to leave a comment.



  1. She’s such an interesting character. Very few are willing to buy their own attacker’s freedom. And the dynamics you’ve set up here are poised for conflict.

    • Thanks! The dynamics between these two creates much friction. But that’s what we want, right?

  2. Intriguing interplay.

  3. I love how he searches and throws – it all feels so frantic. It raises the pulse a little. :c)

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