Posted by: victanguera | January 8, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #12

Well, it’s Sunday. And you know what that means. Here are this week’s offering for Six Sentence Sunday. Again, thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. You can find other submissions on the Six Sentence Sunday website. Just to refresh everyone’s memory, last week Nikolai was about to kill the troll and Tavi tried to stop him.

My mouth thinned into a hard line. I turned away, hurt, offended, and unwilling to watch.

“You have dime?” The troll’s voice came out more as a strained gasp than speech. No one responded. “Lady…”



  1. He wants a dime? Is that going to keep Nikolai from killing him? Does Tavi actually have a dime that she’s willing to give him? Intriguing six! Can’t wait to find out more!

  2. ok, this is interesting! Makes me want to know why the heck the troll wants a dime!

    • Or maybe even a penny. There is a reason. It might come out next week. Not sure where we’ll get with the six. Of course, I could always skip ahead a bit.

  3. I do love trolls! I love fantasy! 🙂 Great job.

  4. Heheheh…

    a dime 😉

  5. Still trying to collect the toll, is he? LOL!

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