Posted by: victanguera | December 18, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #10

Time for another six sentences. For more great entries (er, not to say mine is great), check out the Six Sentence Sunday blog. Carrying on from last week:

Knowing what was coming, I closed my eyes, but not before pain razed across my temple. I plummeted to the ground in an ungracious heap. Still somewhat dazed, I skittered away from the troll, backing up against one of the few tombstones. As I blinked away the distortion in my mind, I could see the troll staggering in circles, a grimace distorting his features. He tried unsuccessfully to unsheathe his axe.




  1. Beautiful descriptive writing

  2. Ow! Damn, I could feel that through your post! Hope she’s okay.

  3. Great description and very tense!

  4. Great description!

  5. I agreed w/ everyone before I even saw the comments – the descriptive quality here is fantastic!

  6. Oh, but who said stop?!

    • Ah yes, who? Will reveal that the next time :}

  7. Hmm… I’m interested. What’s going on here? Neither the narrator nor the troll appear to be able to concentrate very well. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    I missed the list deadline for this week, but I did get six sentences up!

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