Posted by: victanguera | December 11, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #9

Okay, here are the next six sentences for Six Sentence Sunday. Just to clarify one little bit, the last line from last Sunday’s entry, Nikolai was the one to order the troll to let Tavi go. That might not be clear, and with the line break it wouldn’t be apparent that that sentence and the start of this entry go together. Again, thanks for all the feedback!

Nikolai appeared to increase in size so he seemed to loom in front of the troll. His coat rippled and swirled around him, heightening the illusion.

“You not hurt me.” The troll clutched me tighter to his chest, as if to use me as a shield.

“Really?” Nikolai raised one eyebrow and stared at the troll.



  1. Aww, don’t hurt the poor troll. 😛

    • Poor troll. Although he isn’t little. Just wait, something interesting does happen.

  2. I guess sparing the troll has benefits, but I’m pretty sure he’s more concerned about Tavi.

  3. Love the visuals! Nice six.

  4. Yikes. Really wouldn’t want to be the “shield” between those two!

    • Yeah, me neither.

  5. Trolls! They are usually tricky little creatures. Hope your mc is okay! 😉 Nice six.

  6. […] entries (er, not to say mine is great), check out the Six Sentence Sunday blog. Carrying on from last week: Knowing what was coming, I closed my eyes, but not before pain razed across my temple. I plummeted […]

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