Posted by: victanguera | December 8, 2011

How Old Am I?

I signed up for a blogfest contest via Brenda Drake Writes. We are supposed to post the first 250 words and have people try to figure out how old our character is. There are a few areas I’ve had to snip in order to remove certain clues to a possible age. So here goes; how old do you think she is?:


Inside the crowded club, the smell of humans hung heavy in the air. …I stood with my back to the customers waiting for service, bit my finger and held it over my coffee cup. Three round red drops of blood plopped into the dark liquid below. I licked my finger, sealing over the two puncture marks and turned around to watch the room. As I sipped the coffee, the scalding liquid hit my stomach with the force of a cyclone. The infusion of blood would make sure it stayed there.

People swung and gyrated on the dance floor to the hypnotic sound of salsa music. Sweaty and panting, they came and stood at the counter demanding…  just a bit too much attention. Their scent permeated everything. My clothes, my hair, even the gleaming mahogany of the bar. The monster inside me threatened to uncurl, wanting to luxuriate in the smell. Inhaling deeply from my coffee, I shut my eyes, concentrating on the slightly acrid odor. You don’t feed from humans, I told myself, the ever-deriding voice inside my head stern and edged with anger. The voice—sounding way to much like my master—taunted me, telling me I was a fool…

When I opened my eyes, Nikolai reclined on a barstool across from me—a trick only he could pull off and make it look comfortable. His black hair, slicked away from his face, brushed the upright edges on the collar of his floor-length leather coat.



  1. Popped over from Brenda Drake’s site. I’m going to say your MC is about 24 years old.

  2. amazing, there is so much potential for addition. for all we know, we could be looking at the next big thing

    • Aaah, that just… ::hyperventilates::

  3. and i think she’s mid- late 20s

  4. Ooo, love this beginning. I’m guessing mid 20s as well.

  5. I would say 24-25. Seems definitely adult but probably young. Lots of sensory detail in this — a strong opening.

  6. Can I guess like ancient? Like 100 years plus? Since the mc (I’m assuming) is a vampire, lol. But maybe the mc looks young, maybe 21.

  7. Definitely adult. I’d say about 25 in human years, but since it’s a vampire, we could be anywhere from there to several millennia….

  8. hahahahahaha… am I allowed to guess?

    • If you’d like. After much agonizing, I didn’t post on your blog as I know the answer (kind of), and didn’t want to say too much.

      • you totally could have guessed 🙂 many were close, one almost got there, but no one got it bang-on.

        As for Tavi, I guess I always had the impression she was in her late 20’s, like 27->28-ish

  9. I agree with many others, being a vampire could be hundreds of years, but in human years I’m thinking 23 🙂

  10. Haha I agree with the others–could be hundreds of years, but the voice makes me lean toward mid-twenties, like 23 or 24. Great detail!

  11. I’m going to guess 23. I really love this.

  12. The coffee and the ‘bar’ make me think ‘older’ … like maybe 22? 23? 🙂

  13. 23?

  14. I’m thinking mid 30. Like the story

  15. Oooh, intriguing! I’m guessing mid-to-late twenties, like 26 or 27. Good job, and good luck! =)

  16. Hmmm…this one’s tough…..he doesn’t sound super young..but not too old. I’m gonna say 30.

  17. Late 20’s.
    Good luck on the contest and keep writing! 🙂

  18. Either 25 or 250 depending on whether or not I’m supposed to take the vampirism into consideration. 🙂

  19. I’d guess early thirties??

  20. I’m thinking 25. She’s at a bar so she’s probably not a teenager but still young because she doesn’t have her blood lust under control 😉

  21. I get an early 20’s vibe, too. Of course, much agreement with the 100+ immortal side, but maybe 27 on the outside.

  22. I’m gonna go with…maybe 27? What a cool story!

  23. The only impression I got was that this was an adult. Like the others, I was going to say mid twenties, but the only reason is because it is obviously a main character, and no one in their right mind would write a story about an old vampire these days… it’s a teen genre right now. Also, since she was working in what seemed like a bar, I didn’t think she was a teenager.

    This is a wonderfully crafted opening, wether or not I could pin the age. I definitely would have read on had I had more material. Nicely done.

  24. I’m thinking mid-twenties, or at least mid-twenties in terms of vampire time. They still sound impulsive, but old enough to keep it in.

  25. Very nice! I’d say your MC is 25 or 26?

  26. Not even gonna guess – came upon this on SSS – it was a delight to read – each word and image flowed – thank you

    • Wow, thanks so much. ::flails::

      I’m working to get this polished as much as possible so I can start querying. Gasp, did I say that out loud?

  27. Your MC has a mature voice and obvious control over her bloodlust, so I’d say she’s 21 or 22. However, if she’s a vampire, she could be much older. 😉 In that case, I’d say she was turned at 21 or 22.

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