Posted by: victanguera | October 30, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #7

Last week, a troll grabbed Tavi. Carrying on from there, here’s this weeks six:

Unzipping my jacket, I fell to the ground and reached for the mist to cloak myself as I scrambled away from the troll.

His granite fist pulled me up by the elbow. “You not get away.”

Lunging at him, I sank my teeth into his forearm. Or tried to. Instead, I almost chipped a fang.



  1. Wonderful six sentences! I wish you a ton of sales with your books! Happy Sunday and Happy Halloween!

    Stephanie Adkins

  2. hey…tell me more! this was very descriptive! well done.

  3. Lots of fascinating stuff there – cloaking herself in mist, granite fist and her chipped fang. Very curious to read more!

  4. Loved it! What a dilemma.

  5. Definitely draws the reader in to want to know how they got there, what next, etc. Enjoyed the excerpt – thanks!

  6. Okay, I laughed out loud at that, though I feel for her poor fang!

  7. oh, interesting premise!! i’m intrigued 😀

  8. Ha, I love the detail about almost chipping a fang. Well done!

  9. Thanks for all the comments.

    Enough description is my downfall, so thanks to everyone for commenting on the details. Maybe I’m finally getting it :}

  10. Goos 6. I’d like to read more

  11. Great line! ‘almost chipped a fang’. Trolls and what else are going on here?

  12. Great six with lots of pace. Awesome six to pick. Thank you.

  13. So much fun!

  14. LOL She chipped a fang! That’s awesome! Great six 🙂

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