Posted by: victanguera | August 31, 2011

Pet Peeves: Writing Prompt #350

I’m sure we all have little things that bug us when other people do it–using all the toilet paper and not replacing the roll; squishing the toothpaste from the middle of the tube; interrupting others when they talk. My overwhelming pet peeve are people who don’t think traffic laws apply to them. Like city buses. Here in Victoria, we are required to yield to the bus if they are about to pull out from a bus stop. Okay, I’m all for that and am more than happy to let them in. But my pet peeve? When you are on the Pat Bay Highway in a stream of traffic from the ferry. Cars in front, to the left and behind. And the bus comes whipping on the merge lane as if you can magically allow them in to traffic. Somehow the guy didn’t hit me. I’m still not sure how.

So does your character have a pet peeve? Something that gets under their skin and makes them lose their cool? Do they get up on a soap box and rant about their peeve? Let it go but mutter under their breath about stupid people? How do others around them react when they mention an irritant? Do they agree? Raise eyebrows, shake their head and ignore the rant?

I’m going to drive defensively. And hope I get home safely.



  1. Oh, yeah, do I HATE Victoria traffic… yesterday a bike ran right through a red light without stopping which almost caused a huge accident. And the girl on the bike just stuck her hand up, like a ‘thank you wave’ and carried on.

    …I could keep going… NO ONE in Victoria seems to understand, or abide by, the traffic laws.

    Glad you made it home safely 🙂

    • Ooh, don’t even get me started on cyclists. Don’t you love how, in a rush hour line up of bumper to bumper traffic, they cut along the sidewalk to the head of the line then tootle through the middle of the interesction (holding up that entire line of traffic).

  2. My main character has a lot of language pet peeves. She has a horror of people using “dialog” as a verb, for example. She got that from Nero Wolfe (she bases her life on the classic fictional detectives). I think people just take it as part of her general eccentricity.

    • I love the idea of having one fictional character look to another fictional character as a role model.

      • Good point. I’ve been writing about her for over 40 years, so sometimes I forget she’s fictional. 🙂

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