Posted by: victanguera | July 5, 2011

Going Deep: Writing Prompt #342

What makes a book or movie memorable for you? For me, I want something that digs deep into emotional issues or the human condition. I want something that goes inside the most secret part of a human heart. Anything less feels like I’m reading someone’s shopping list (there are those lists again). Right now, I’m reading a fairly popular book that I shall not name and there is little delving into those dark, raw parts of the human heart. There is intrigue, there are plenty of sympathetic (and unsympathetic) characters. But all the characters seem so surface and shallow that there is no one character or storyline I can connect to, so I’m bored. I want to know those things the character thinks and feels that they won’t even tell their best friend.

But not everyone wants that type of reading experience.

So for today’s prompt, what connects you to a book or movie? Great action scenes? Raw emotion? A twisty mystery? Write a scene where you focus on what you like to experience when you read. Be willing to explore raw emotions if that is what you like in a book. Read over what you wrote. How did that affect your writing?


  1. I’ve been thinking about this, since I have a character who has a pretty rotten upbringing, and so far I’ve only shown her from the outside, but now I think that I need to get into her head a bit (because she’s a perfect protagonist for the book I’m working on, for other reasons), so I’ll have to get into what she thinks and maybe more about what’s happened to her.

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