Posted by: victanguera | May 30, 2011

Well That’s a Turn Off: Writing Prompt #336

On my way to work this morning and attractive fellow walked past me. We had a moment of eye contact, but I was heading to my car, and he was walking… somewhere. But as he walked away, he lit up a cigarette. So much for attractive. Instant turn off for me.

So for today’s prompt, think about what might turn off your character. I’m not necessarily meaning in the physical sense either, but even friendships or work relationships can have triggers that put us off another person. What are those triggers for your character? Write a scene where you can show how that might play out.



  1. Great question! This is another great way to develop your character. Not just on paper but within your own head before you place he/she onto paper.

  2. My detective character is dealing with that right now, since she’s investigating beatings of people who have non-mainstream sexuality, and she’s also dealing with the fact that her daughter is not comfortale around that sort of thing either. The daughter is thirteen, and anything to do with sex or public displays of affection makes her uncomfortable, but especially so if the sexuality is nonstandard.

    Her father (the narrator) mentions that if they see a couple walking with their arms around each other, the daughter always makes a face (and she may not even be aware that she’s doing it).

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