Posted by: victanguera | May 26, 2011

Lean on Me: Writing Prompt #335

Friendships are valuable. Hanging out with girlfriends or our buddies gives us not only a sense of belonging, it gives us support in difficult times. Gives us a place to share joy, making the good times even greater. Gives us a place to share sorrows, making the bad times smaller.

So for today’s prompt, think of the friends your character has. Who do they turn to when things are really rough? In the middle of trying to save the world, do they go for a drink with a buddy? What would that scene look like? Using scenes like this can give a break from the action, enriching your story.


  1. This is a strange coincidence, because I wrote and posted that scene today. 🙂

    Here it is:

    Quick background: The famous amateur detective is working on a case. But there’s one person she can’t go meet herself, because she is too well known and this person has to remain an unknown factor. So, she sends her loyal assistant (Marshall, the narrator — he’s her Watson or Archie Goodwin) and her bodyguard to the meeting without her.

    But she also knows that the two of them have some things to talk about, and, once the meeting is over, they take some time to walk and talk and catch up on some things.

    Weird coincidence. You’ve posted prompts before that described things I’ve done already, and you’ve posted prompts that described things I should have done but hadn’t thought of. but this is the first one that described what I was doing at the exact moment I was doing it.

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