Posted by: victanguera | May 13, 2011

It’s Coming For You: Writing Prompt #331

Well, it’s Friday the 13th. The sales guy just phoned one of his clients to hear:

“It’s Friday the 13th. I am not in the office, will not be answering the phone or checking my email…”

Wow. Just wow. Superstitious much?

So for today’s prompt, what superstitions does your character have? Some, like not walking under a ladder, are just plain common sense. Others, like fear of Friday the 13th are more irrational. Feel free to twist it and put some reality behind the fear. What would happen if their superstition came to get your character?

As a side note, a Google search revealed fear of Friday the 13th is known as friggatriskaidekaphobia (after the Norse god Frigga), paraskevidekatriaphobics or triskaidekaphobia. Pretty long names for such a harmless little number.



  1. The math building at my college didn’t have a 13th floor. It went right from 12 to 14. I thought that was pretty shabby for a math building.

    Unless they knew something I don’t… 🙂

  2. Hope everything is okay.

    Been a while between posts, is all I’m saying.

    Not pestering, just hoping it’s for good reasons. 🙂

    • Nothing exciting. This is the busiest time of year at work and I keep meaning to post something when I get home rather than in the morning at ::cough, cough:: work, but all I do is crash instead. Sigh. Okay, have a moment, off to scrabble through my brain and see what’s in there :}

      • No problem, no pressure. I’ll be posting something later today about genre and protagonists, maybe that will spark an idea.

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