Posted by: victanguera | May 5, 2011

Not You Again: Writing Prompt #328

I live in a relatively small city, but it amazes me how rarely I run into people I know. The odd time, I’ll see someone while walking down the street, but never in the grocery store or perusing the shelves at the library (or book store). In the eight years since my divorce, I’ve run into my ex-husband only once outside of family functions. And he lives not far from where I buy groceries, bank, shop.

But there is this fellow I know and would prefer not to. He’s part of a social circle, and that’s the only place I want to see him. But every month when I do distribution, I’ve seen him. And never in the same place. I’ve driven by him while going to the bank. Again, a different location. At the Tim Horton’s. The coffee shop across town. Sometimes he comes into a location and I’m there already. Sometimes it’s the other way around. And I never want to see him. Never.

So for today’s prompt, think of someone in your character’s life that they would rather avoid and either have to deal with or keep running into in an illogical or random fashion. What happens? How does your character cope? Think of all the possible angles for conflict and utilize them.


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