Posted by: victanguera | April 8, 2011

It’s a Secret: Writing Prompt #320

I’m going to totally steal a snippet from Anthony’s comment yesterday as the basis for today’s writing prompt. He mentions that one character is adopted. Of course I want to know if she is aware of the fact.

So for today’s prompt, what secret does your character have? Although a hidden past can be a trope, it is often a useful one. A character with a shady past, or a deeply hidden past, can be very intriguing. One character that knows something and withholds it from another also contains great potential for conflict. What would happen, for example, if you found out that your best friend is dating your ex? Or someone you thought was dead had actually gone into hiding?

Oh, and thanks for the idea Anthony.


  1. Hey, I’ve prompted a prompt. That’s kind of unusual. 🙂

    Seriously, I was wondering if you would react to the mention that she’s adopted, since it isn’t really necessary to explain the rest of the scene I described. I just added it because (to answer your question), she is aware of it, since she was adopted as a 12-year-old. not as a baby, and her (new) parents are always aware that she had a rough life before she ended up with them (many details of which they don’t know — so there’s secrets there, which are only being revealed very gradually).
    I wrote about her (the daughter) here:

    • Yep, I did pick up on reference to adoption. Very intriguing story-line. I like that the secrets only come out a bit at a time. That would keep me reading, just to find out what her story is. Don’t you find that often side characters can be just as interesting as the main character?

      • Hey, sometimes they _become_ major characters. The example I usually use is Popeye, who was originally supposed to be a one-story character in the strip Thimble Theater. The strip ended up being called “Popeye.” 🙂

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