Posted by: victanguera | April 4, 2011

Unexpected Reaction: Writing Prompt #318

The other day, I had a conversation that wound up with a completely unexpected reaction. I won’t go into details for privacy’s sake, but it made me think about how people react to proposed ideas.

In writing, plausibility is such a big thing. I’ve read that we must set up our character’s in such a way that every reaction they have can be understood based on how they behave in other situations. But in real life, people don’t always react the way we expect. I’ve known this person almost ten years, and would never have expected that reaction. And that makes me wonder, is including normal human responses (including the unexpected) what actually gives our writing veracity? Do we eliminate punch by making everything follow logically or creating strict believability?

So for today’s prompt, create a scene with a completely unexpected reaction to a conversation or proposed plan.


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