Posted by: victanguera | March 24, 2011

Haunted: Writing Prompt #315

Anyone that knows me well knows I love graveyards. I’ve taken pictures at graveyards in more than one BC location, as well as some in Recoleta cemetery in Buenos Aires. They have such great atmosphere (and potential haunting or other weirdness).

So for today’s prompt, use a cemetery for the setting in a scene or story. What happens? Does it twist your story into the paranormal? Horror? Does one character try to play on the fears of another? Do your characters blunder into a interment in progress? Think of all the senses you can use to bring your scene to life. What does your character see? How do they feel? Are there any distinctive smells (real or imagined)? Do they go during the day or at night? If they go at night, why?



  1. What a great idea. As I’ve mentioned, I’m writing a series of mystery stories, some of which involve murder, but there’s never been a scene set in a graveyard (and usually not even a specific mention of what happens to the body after the investigation is over).

    I’ve been in very few graveyards, as far as I can remember, so my mental images are mostly formed by the old TV show Dark Shadows. So, the supernatural, or at least the appearance of the supernatural, is definitely a possibility. 🙂

    • Graveyards are just so interesting. I love wandering through them reading names. We have a regular cemetery tour at one of the larger graveyards in town. Here is a tiny bit from one scene in a WIP:

      We created dark shadows that few would notice. Drops of rain started to spatter on us, and I pulled the hood on my leather jacket up over my head.

      Enough graves to create a small city sprawled out in front of us. Ornate mausoleums stuck out like giant’s teeth between graves and assortment of grave markers and large, flat tombs flush with the ground. Most were so worn I could no longer read the names engraved on the headstones. Paved paths meandered in no logical order between looming pines and the few old growth cedars. I wondered how Simone would decide where to put the bundle she carried. I wondered if Centhia had been here already, sitting in the graveyard eating bones.

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