Posted by: victanguera | March 17, 2011

Four Words: Writing Prompt #312

For today’s prompt, here are four words to use in a story or scene:

hippopotamus, spine, electrobright, blue



  1. “I am a hippopotamus” ” No honey, you’re a rail I can see your spine for Pete’s sake” ” It’s this dress it’s electrobright!” ” Your right, you’re a blue hippo can we go now!” ” Your mean you hate me don’t you!” “Nah baby, I love you. You just make me a little crazy.”

    I am not sure about the grammer of that^^^, but I like the back and forth with no scene or character description. Is that a legal way to dialogue or will the G Nazi’s be on me?

    • Great use of the words. One small thing: use a new paragraph for each speaker.

      Hey, my blue electrobright dress makes me look like a hippo, too.

  2. Hemingway wrote some dialogue in that form. It would add clarity, but it would eat up the paper. The reader would likely get lost in my form and end not knowing who said what, but you have to admit it is compact. Thanks for the advice, keep it up, I need all I the advice I can get and double if it’s good.

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