Posted by: victanguera | March 15, 2011

Story Interruptus: Writing Prompt #311

I’m sure we all have one person in our lives that never lets us finish a story. They might even ask us a question and expect an answer. But they interrupt us for their own tale long before our own story is finished.

My stories are never that important (well, at least to her they aren’t), so it doesn’t make much difference. But what if your main character has information another person needs to know and every time they speak, the other person interrupts? Do they tell the other person to shut up? Do things on their own? Wait until the situation falls apart and let the other person know that if they’d listened, maybe they could have come up with a solution (ooh, so passive/aggressive)?



  1. My main character these days is a detective, and she does not like to be interrupted. She’s perfectly willing to let other people talk while she’s investigating (she encourages people to talk, actually, to learn things), but when she’s presenting the solution she runs the show. If somebody asks questions that allow her to illuminate aspects of the case, that’s fine (she likes that), but she will do pretty much anything she has to in order to keep control. She will use wit, sarcasm, shouting, and even occasionally threats of violence (to be delivered by her assistant). She will lean over people who are shorter than her (she’s six feet tall) if she thinks she can intimidate them.

    She doesn’t always manage to maintain control, of course, but it’s never for lack of trying. In this area, she aspires to be Nero Wolfe.

    I was just reading on another blog about writing prompts, by the way. Apparently they’re more widely used than I thought:

    • Ah, that’s what I should do. Use my 5′ 4″ frame to tower over people. Guess that won’t work. Instead, I just get really quiet when people interrupt. There are things they never find out because they don’t let me speak.

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