Posted by: victanguera | March 10, 2011

I Lost It: Writing Prompt #310

This morning on my way to work, I couldn’t find my house keys. They were in the bottom of my purse, and it took a bit of rummaging around to unearth them. Now a bit late, I ran to my car only to realize I’d forgotten to take out the recycling–and hallelujah, the truck was late this morning. So I ran up the steps, grabbed my bin and put it out. Sticking my hand in my coat pocket, my car keys weren’t there. They had to have fallen out between the house and the car, so I started to retrace my steps. And found my keys in the recycling bin.

I had myself all set to post a prompt on loosing things, only to discover we’d lost our internet connection at work. Must be the day of lost things.

So for today’s prompt, what does your character lose? Is it important? Something sentimental? Something they are entrusted with keeping for another person? What happens if the other person wants it back?



  1. He couldn’t love her. No one had to tell him that, in the White City. But that was the deal, the oldest bargain in all the worlds that were: you bring them back, you leave a soul behind. And you could take nothing there save what was within you.

    Most people don’t have extra souls. He didn’t. And she came back, from the White City to the world, from death into life, as if it was a matter of bureaucracy as much as will, destiny as much as chance. He smiled — he could fake that, at least — and she laughed, and kissed him, and talked.

    When she left, two months later, only she was surprised. He wasn’t surprised by anything anymore. he let her go, despite her pleading for him to change, trying to move him with words, and love, and human things. He just waited, watched her go, and made himself a sandwich.

    They never talked about his lost soul, not then or ever.

    • Great! Is this something new or the Zeth story?

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