Posted by: victanguera | February 28, 2011

But I’m an Introvert: Writing Prompt #306

Not everyone is an extrovert. Most of us writers can probably relate to the person that would rather sit at home than go out and mingle with other people. So why are so many main characters extroverted?

So for today’s prompt, think about an introverted main character. How would this change the dynamics of a story? Would they have a side kick that does the leg work (hum, Archie Goodwin comes to mind)? Would they try to avoid getting involved? What would encourage/force them to be in a position where they have to deal with a lot of people? What do they do to re-energize after spending time with lots of people (because all us introverts know we don’t recharge our batteries around people, but alone)?



  1. Being an introvert, this semi-anonymous comment seems like a comfortable way to relate to another human being without having to look anyone in the eye.

    • And as another introvert, I appreciate the small human contact. Very comfortable, indeed.

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