Posted by: victanguera | February 24, 2011

No, No: Writing Prompt #305

Sometimes I think people have an overwhelming urge to be right. I’ve heard people argue a point, not realizing they sound stupid or just plain ornery. A typical conversation between my grandparents went something like this:

“The weatherman said it’s going to rain today.”

“But it’s sunny outside.”

“But the weatherman said it’s going to rain.”

“Well it isn’t. The sun is shinning.”

And so on in an endless loop until they were actually screaming. About the weather. As a result, I don’t often argue a point with anyone. This past weekend, I forgot myself a little while listening to some music with my friend.

“Who is this?”

“Hawsley Workman.”

“No, what band?”

“It’s Hawksley Workman.”

She grabbed the iPod and checked the readout. Her brows furrowed. “No, who’s the band. You know?”

At that point I shut up. If I didn’t I would have wound up banging my head against a table. It’s… bang… Hawksley… bang… Workman… bang. Even reading the name on the screen, she still didn’t believe me.

So for today’s prompt, put your main character in a scene with a friend or close relative that just doesn’t agree with them. What happens? Does it flare up into an argument? Can one person let things go in order to prevent a fight? Does one person (maybe even your main character) argue to the point of ridiculousness?

Here’s the Hawksley Workman song on the iPod, in case you are interested:



  1. […] no good to me, I went to my second favourite prompt site – my favourite Saturday to Thursday I had the Write Idea. Today’s prompt didn’t shout at me, but the one from Feb 24th did. 621 words said it […]

  2. Another great prompt. With a little encouragement from my other half (and past encouragement from you months ago) I’ve decided to actually post my writing from this prompt. You can see it here, I hope it does you justice:

    • Yeah, I’m so glad you found it useful. Nice story. I think we’ve all been there.

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