Posted by: victanguera | February 11, 2011

Unexpected Connections: Writing Prompt #301

Sometimes, just for fun, I check out who Facebook recommends for “friends”. Yeah, sarcastic quotes as I don’t even know most of these people. But the odd time, you’ll see that someone x number of mutual friends. And they aren’t always who you expect. Like my daughter and a co-worker both are friends with the same person? Strange.

So for today’s prompt, what unexpected connection does your character find on facebook? How would your character react? How can you use this to develop how a reader views your character? Or maybe it can just give you insight into your character that never makes it on to the page. Because some things just shouldn’t be shared.


  1. Can’t use this one, I’m afraid, since my characters don’t have Facebook, or the internet, or computers, or cell phones, or even regular phones (well, there are phones, but they don’t have them).

    For some reason, I have no interest in writing about any of those things, though I use them all.

    And it is weird who is friends with who. I friended a guy once because he was friended with two of my friends who I know didn’t know each other (though both were named David). Well, the are both somewhat famous, so that might be a factor. But still it was weird.

    • So are they not in a world that has computers? Not interested in using a computer? That comment raises many questions.

  2. It is never stated explicitly, but my stories take place in the late 1970s or very early 1980s, when none of those things existed yet. So, of course, nobody misses them, and they get along quite happily without them, as we did back then. During those years, a lot of my friends were so broke they didn’t even have telephones. If they wanted to talk to somebody, they used a pay phone, or went and paid them a visit.

  3. […] She can't imagine how people could function without telephones and taxicabs. That made me think of this post on the blog "I Had the Write Idea," where I commented that my characters have no access to Facebook […]

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