Posted by: victanguera | February 7, 2011

Commonality: Writing Prompt #299

I’ve got a friend that often asks what’s new when she talks to me. And I usually say nothing. Even though I’ve now got a new (to me) spinning wheel. Sold a set of stitch markers on etsy. Finished one part for a swap I’m doing on Ravelry.

But she’d think I was speaking a foreign language. Okay, maybe I am. I also believe she thinks my hobbies are boring. They don’t interest her, so why would she want to hear about them? In that regard, we have nothing in common.

There is a familiar statement that says that opposites attract. I believe that sometimes that attraction is fatal in the sense that if you don’t share enough interests, you will eventually drift apart.

So for today’s prompt, think about the lack of common interests between two characters. Explore the options. Think about this in terms of conflict (and also ways to develop a character arc or personal growth in a character). Could one accuse the other of withholding information? What would happen then? Does one character think the other dull because they have few interests? Or maybe the opposite–boring because they have interests that they can’t relate to? What happens if they decide to part? Do they have an amicable or volatile confrontation that ends the relationship? How would your main character feel about the loss of a relationship?

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