Posted by: victanguera | January 24, 2011

You Did What: Writing Prompt #293

Last week, I met with two friends for coffee. Near the end of the evening, one friend shared some information with us. Soon after, I left to go to my knitting group. When I got home, my friend had left a message on my machine reminding me that what she’d told me was confidential. Uh… yeah.

I had two thoughts:

1. Who the hell does she think I’m going to tell? The only friend we have in common was right there.

2. Does she really think so little of me that she think I’d tell random strangers her personal shit? So did she think I’d tell my co-workers–the ones who don’t even know her? Post it as my Facebook status? Like really.

So for today’s prompt, have your character share information with someone they trust–only to see it posted as their friend’s facebook status later. Make sure to write what happens after. That’s the juicy stuff.


  1. It would be interesting to do, though. (The random stranger element.)

    “Joe, this is Marty from accounts.”
    “Hi, Joe. Did you know Simon Beswell wet the bed until he was 14?”
    “I .. what? I don’t know anyone named that…”

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