Posted by: victanguera | January 11, 2011

Promises, Promises: Writing Prompt #287

This morning, I realized it is almost half way through January and I still haven’t made any resolutions for this year. But that isn’t unusual. I think in my entire life, I’ve only made a list of resolutions twice. I hate making promises to myself that I don’t keep. It makes me feel like a liar somehow. And I hate lying.

So for today’s prompt, what kind of promises or resolutions does your character make? Are they to someone else? Something they promise themselves they will do? Is it a promise they keep? What conflict or story twists could come up that prevent them from keeping their promise? How would they feel/act when this occurs?

I’m going to think about resolutions my characters can make. But I’m still not going to make any for myself.



  1. Also fun: thinking up Christmas presents they’d ask for.

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