Posted by: victanguera | December 14, 2010

Writing Prompt #281

Yesterday on twitter, someone posted that they thought telling a person you are busy is rude. Okaaaay. Really? Rude? I don’t think I get that.

This week, I have writer’s group one night, a movie date with a friend, a house party, tango, driving lessons with my daughter, and a planned day-trip with another daughter. That’s busy. For real busy. So if a friend asked if I could do something, I’d have to say–I’m busy. Would that be rude? How can the truth be rude?

Except, I think we’ve all claimed we are busy when in reality we are polishing our Pog collection. Waxing our nose hairs (urm, maybe not). Staring off into space with a dreamy expression on our face. Maybe this person gets more of those brush-off than the average person, so hearing someone is busy doesn’t work for her.

So for today’s prompt, write a scene about being busy. Does someone use busyness as an excuse to get out of something? What if they get called out for it? What if one character is actually busy and another person gets mad for saying they are? How would that affect the relationship?


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