Posted by: victanguera | December 14, 2010

Bonus Prompt

I had today’s prompt all planned out. Then on my way to work this morning, I almost got run over by a dump truck. It was close. The guy barreled around the corner trying to beat the bus turning left–the one that wasn’t moving because I’d started to walk across the street already. I’m not really sure how I managed to get out of the way of the back end of his truck before he turned me into jam. Really don’t know. Cause he was travelling extremely fast. Like over 30kms/hr fast.

So what if I’m not really here? What if he hit me and I’m in some kind of limbo. What if that is how limbo really works. What you could see everything and touch everything, but no one could see you.

Is that what it would be like to be a ghost? From what I know, ghosts remain where they are killed, haunting places. But what if they didn’t remain in one location, and followed instead the person responsible for their death.

So for today’s prompt, take the idea of limbo as a state where you can see your life, but others can’t see you. What would you do? Could you find a way to communicate with those left behind? How would it make you feel dealing with the grief of your loved ones?

Me, I’m going to drink some tea and try not to think about dump trucks.



  1. Remind me tonight to tell you about Houdini’s plans re: afterlife.

    Also, glad you’re okay 🙂

    • Ah, how interesting. Trust Houdini to have a plan for the afterlife. Now I’m curious.

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