Posted by: victanguera | December 7, 2010

Writing Prompt #276

As a kid, my family would go to my grandparent’s house for Christmas. So many people came, I remember sleeping in the closet with my cousin. On Christmas morning, the two of us would sneak out to the living room for our stockings. Back in the safety of the closet, I’d dig deep inside for the orange stuffed into the toe. I can’t remember candy, or toys. All I remember is the orange.

Christmas stories also bring a time to reflect back on our life. Think of It’s a Wonderful Life or Dickens’ story A Christmas Carol. Conflict abounds in this season that should bring us joy. Or what about O. Henry’s short story The Gift of the Magi. Two people, independent of one another, give up the thing that means the most to them in order to buy a gift for the other.

So for today’s prompt, think about all the conflicts that can occur at Christmas–siblings that hate one another but are forced to sit at the same table. What if someone was sick or dying, and you knew this would be their last Christmas with you? Can/do you end with a message of joy? Peace on earth, good will to men? How do you resolve the conflict you create?


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