Posted by: victanguera | December 1, 2010

And I’m Back (and a writing prompt)

What an amazing holiday. I’m feeling much more rested and ready to tackle writing again. I needed to get away from the main character in my last novel. I changed her personality based on several comments from readers, but never liked her after that. And her snarky voice wouldn’t leave me alone. Half way around the world, and she finally disappeared. Now maybe someone else will have the chance to tell me their story.

On my way to work this morning, I heard an ad for Shaw phone. They start with a ringing phone and go on to chirp about all the possibilities that call could bring–a new baby, an engagement–all good news. What about the other news? The run over daughter (yeah, I got one of those calls), someone in the hospital? Death? Phone calls aren’t always cheerful.

So for today’s prompt, have your character receive a phone call–the kind they wouldn’t want to receive. What happens?

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