Posted by: victanguera | November 19, 2010

Writing Prompt #273

My apologies for the lack of prompts this month. Holidays have an amazing effect on me. Not the least of which is plenty of time spent checking out the sights, wandering through the shops, tangoing until the wee hours of the morning. And lots of sleep. And reading. Not much writing, though.

I recently finished several books, that had fairly obvious “what if” questions–at least for me. I could see that the concept may have started with the author asking a question such as: what if the fate of mankind rested in the smallest and least significant? What if a picture ages, leaving the person portrayed forever young? What if…

You get the idea. So for today’s prompt, come up with a what if question, either for your own WIP, a potential project, or even figure out what kind of question a writer may have asked when starting something. Do you think having a question in mind would make the writing easier? Would you stay more on task if you tried to answer that question as you went along? How about coming up with conflicts based on your what if question? Would those be easier as well?



  1. What if the aliens are Columbus?

    .. which was the original basis for the idea that became this nano, gods, over a decade ago.

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