Posted by: victanguera | November 11, 2010

Writing Prompt #272

When you take a taxi in Buenos Aires, you are pretty much guaranteed to never take the same route to the same destination. As a result, you do get to see more of the city. I usually take a taxi at night either going to or coming home from a milonga, so that also affords a different view of the city. It is interesting to see how closed up everything becomes at night.

So for today’s prompt, write a scene where an unexpected event puts your main character either in an area they thought they knew and looks different for some reason, or in an unknown area. Write about what might happen. Is it strictly a visual that could increase depth in the world? Is there a conflict (might they get robbed or harassed in a shady area)? What other options can you explore for a setting that isn’t exactly what you’d expect?


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