Posted by: victanguera | November 3, 2010

Writing Prompt #269

Sorry for the prompt silence for the last two days. This time of month, I’m out of the office for two days. At home, I’ve been packing for my trip to Argentina–I leave in two more sleeps! Oh, and I decided to do NaNo again this year. I’m not sure what possessed me to sign up when I knew I’d be away for three weeks. One friends is sure it’s masochism. Yeah, that sounds like as good a reason as any.

So for today’s prompt, put your character in a time crunch where they have eleventy bazillion things to do very little time. And give them just one more task than they could possibly complete. What happens?



  1. *grins*

    In the case of nano, the MC snaps and ends up beating the shit out of someone he finds out was lying to him when it’s one final thing too many in the insanity of a week of his life. Pile stuff on, and more stuff, and eventually anyone snaps under the weight.

    • Ah yes. Mental breakdowns. Not so fun to go through, but they make for delicious writing fodder.

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