Posted by: victanguera | October 7, 2010

Writing Prompt #256

In a small Tennessee town, a homeowner didn’t pay a $75 fee for fire protection service. As a result, when their house caught on fire, firefighters watched it burn. You can see the story on Gawker. I’m stunned. Shocked. Appalled. How can the city (town, whatever) even have a policy like that? How can they tell firefighters to stand by and watch someone’s house burn to the ground? How come one, just one, of those guys didn’t exercise one ounce of compassion and try to help, even at the risk of his job. Okay, this pisses me off. Will try not to rant. WHAT IF A CHILD HAD BEEN IN THAT HOUSE? Or not.

So for today’s prompt, come up with an improbable city by-law and write a scene (horrible, tragic or funny) that happens as a result. Okay, and to complicate things, what would have happened if one of those firefighters decided to risk their job and fight to save that home. Would others have also worked with him? You could write a scene from the perspective of a firefighter who chose to do the right thing and help.


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