Posted by: victanguera | September 13, 2010

Writing Prompt #246

For today’s prompt:

Your main character has always dreamed of learning to fly. She (or he) just didn’t expect that this is how she’d learn.



  1. Insect wings hummed on his back, muscles straining painfully as they hummed a tune Brodie almost knew, with echoes of nails across boards and the dentist chair under it as the wings tried to adjust to human flesh, digging deep into his bones to stabilize the both of them.

    His heart hammered hard in his chest as blood flowed from his body into the wings. The memory of the insect they’d been was deserting the wings and he began to glide rather than fall, feeling things tear deep inside his body as the wings tried to make him into something Other.

    The ground was not coming close soon enough.

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