Posted by: victanguera | September 5, 2010

Writing Prompt #243

Some people have verbal ticks, things they say in almost every conversation. My son’s favourite is: “what more could I want?” A pony maybe? Cause everyone wants a pony, right.

So for today’s prompt, what verbal ticks does your main character have? A side character? A verbal tick for a side character has the potential to be quite interesting, especially if it annoys the main character? What happens is the main character has a thought train going every time the character makes that statement? What if the main character finally gets tired of the verbal tick and reacts to it?


  1. thanks again for your cool blog!

    • Thanks for following along. Hopefully it is useful for you!

  2. I have two female characters who often conflict. Lyneth is older and wiser, often acting as Natiae’s conscience when giving her advice. Natiae, being young and impatient, will frequently object to Lyneth’s advice. They might argue for a bit, but Natiae’s stubbornness wins. Lyneth then responds with her verbal tick: Do what you want.

    That verbal ticks irritates Natiae because she wants to do what is right, which is what Lyneth suggests. She doesn’t want to admit she is wrong, but she doesn’t want to do the wrong thing, either. What Natiae wants to do is what she just vehemently rejected.

    Thanks so much for the writing prompts, I’ll pass some of these along!

    • That is a great verbal tick. It shows Lyneth’s character in the response, too. I love those types of responses. I had a boss once that in an argument would respond “you’re probably right”. Stopped any discussion dead in its tracks, but I always knew he didn’t really agree.

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