Posted by: victanguera | August 26, 2010

Writing Prompt #241

For today’s prompt, it might be interesting to try a brainstorming session. In my writer’s group, we sometimes talk about ideas. It is interesting to see how one person will argue about how they think things must play out, or another person will give you exactly the right image or idea to make a piece you are working on zing.

So to get us started, here is an idea I’m working on (I’ve even written about 40,000 words on it, but it doesn’t work, so I think it needs revisiting). The main character is a leprechaun, but someone stole her gold. She is now mortal. I tried to write about her search for her lost gold, but I’m not much for quest books to begin with. So it isn’t working for me. Even typing this, the idea seems so… blah.

Feel free to toss out ideas, or post what you are working on (or stuck on) and see if others come up with any suggestions.


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