Posted by: victanguera | August 25, 2010

Writing Prompt #240

In books and movies, it often seems like finances aren’t an issue for people. This group of four women get together every week and drink, have coffee, eat, buy shoes or whatever it is they want. That fellow over there needs to catch the bad guy, so they outfit him with the latest Alfa Romeo (or whatever it is he drives now).

In real life, most of us need to count our pennies–or should and maybe don’t. The image we get from movies (or books) can colour how we view our finances. We want that grand life-style, but without the supporting income all we wind up with is debt (and the stress that goes with it).

So for today’s prompt, put your character in a situation where they have to choose between their finances and something they want to do. Try to create conflict around this decision (ie, don’t make it only about your main character). Therefore, what if they decide to stick within their budget, but their friends pressure them to spend the money anyhow? Peer pressure is an extreme motivator for some people. Can you maintain sympathy for a character that caves to others? If they decide to spend the money, what emotional cost does it have for your character (guilt, self-reproach, anger)?


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