Posted by: victanguera | August 24, 2010

Writing Prompt #239

Victoria has a Bascule bridge, able to open for marine traffic (like sailboats) travelling up the Gorge. Today, someone got caught on the bridge when operators raised it.

My co-worker told me about it after I read on twitter that a woman got stuck on the bridge. Now, she wasn’t just an ordinary person, she was a street person, out on the bridge to hang up her laundry. I thought it was a pedestrian. But a street person. Hanging out her laundry? Now that’s funny. Well not funny for the poor woman, but there is a certain humor in the strange juxtaposition of events.

So for today’s prompt, think about ways to mix events that maybe wouldn’t normally go together. You don’t have to use it to create a humorous scene. Some juxtapositions create tragedy, some irony (hard to do well), or possibly a magical element that sparks added depth.



  1. It was tragic for the poor woman and her laundry! She was obviously thinking out side of the box!

    • Once the bridge went down, the woman went right back to finish hanging her laundry. Definitely thinking outside the ‘box’.

  2. Love it! There must have been a good breeze!

    • Usually is a breeze here. If the woman hung out too much laundry, there would be a breeze, that’s for sure.

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