Posted by: victanguera | August 17, 2010

Writing Prompt #235

Fantasy of any kind demands a well thought out world. You could write without considering things like world politics, religions, and social structure, but the created world wouldn’t have much depth (and possibly believability). All this comes down to world-building. It is necessary even in Urban Fantasy.

In my first draft, I didn’t consider how my world worked when I started writing. That meant tons of revision (and thinking).

So for today’s prompt, think about the kind of world your characters live in. Are you writing fantasy? If so, what social structure do you need? Urban Fantasy? What kind of creature is at the heart of your story? What myths are already in place? How would your being interact with humans? Are they hidden? If out in the open, how does that work? How has the world changed to allow for their walking around in full view?

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