Posted by: victanguera | August 12, 2010

Writing Prompt #232

In the last while, I’ve noticed I seem to be invisible to servers in restaurants. Like don’t exist invisible. I’ll be in the middle of asking for a refill on my coffee or a glass of water, but because someone else at the table said they were fine, the server has already started to walk away. Once, I didn’t even receive the food I ordered. I’ve had occasions where the server started to leave after another person ordered without asking if I want anything.

Now, I’ll fully admit it could be me. Because of certain circumstances in my life, I cultivated invisibility. Unfortunately, it seems to have worked far too well.

So for today’s prompt, put your main character in a situation where they get ignored. How does your character react? Do they get mad and yell at people? Accept it? Speak a little louder? Think of the ways that you can use to develop conflict in a scene like that.


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