Posted by: victanguera | August 9, 2010

Writing Prompt #230

One of the members of my crit group sent me a link to an interesting article on vampires (that would be sparklepires actually). Vampires as insects. If you write anything paranormal, doing research can be very important.

For today’s prompt, consider paranormal creatures. Are your vampires similar to vampire bats? How do vampire bats act? What do they eat? How to they process their food? What is their physiology like? If you have a werewolf, how would it behave? Are your faeries closer to human than to fey? How small is a faerie? If tiny, how does it survive in a human world? If large, why is it that size?

And yeah, this isn’t quite a writing prompt, but research is also part of the writing process. If you don’t have a firm grasp on your world and how/why it works the way it does, it is harder for a reader to suspend disbelief.



  1. Thumbs up. Research is a key-point within writing.

    • I agree, although I’ve got to curtail myself sometimes as I could spend all my time researching and no time writing.

  2. I had a fun aside in something I did once that had the small fairies (with insect wings) who died out because the ‘fairy rings’ were their territory and, more importantly where they went to mate. Once disturbed they never returned to it so died out. I also had them lay eggs, because if the platypus can I figure the fae could too.

    • Hum, platypus faerie make as much sense as butterfly vampires. Well, more actually. I like your idea of the fairy rings and inability to live outside them.

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