Posted by: victanguera | August 6, 2010

Writing Prompt #229

As writers, we’ve probably all heard that we are supposed to murder our darlings. Unfortunately, that is difficult. After spending so much time coming up with the perfect character/plot/sentence, chopping it into little pieces, throwing it in a black garbage bag and dumping it in the ocean isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Once, right near the start of my editing process, a published author friend of mine recommended a “cut file” for all those darlings. She said everything we write has some validity. She felt that re-reading our cut file, a bit of dialogue, a scene or a character could spark a new idea. To me, that sounded more like a rest home that outright slaughter. I adopted it. I can’t even kill spiders, and I hate spiders. Arachnophobia hate.

So for today’s prompt, do you have darlings you’ve murdered? Think specifically about characters you may have removed from one story (I know I have those). Without thinking about how they came in to being, think about that character. In a different story, how would that person behave? What if they became the “hero” of their own story? What would that story be?  Write a scene with that old character in a new situation. What did you come up with? Is it worth developing?

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